Why Choose Lauren

Your choice of attorney matters, especially when you are facing a legal situation that has the potential to change your life, like a criminal case or divorce. Attorney Lauren Graham understands what’s at stake, and knows that your decision to work with The Graham Law Firm PLLC is a vote of confidence. Here are just a couple of the reasons you can feel confident choosing Lauren to represent you.

Client-Centered Practice

When you are charged with a crime, or have your private family matters exposed in court, it can seem as if you have no control over some of the most important events in your life. Lauren is dedicated not just to giving you the best possible outcome in your case, but the best possible experience of the process.

That means placing control back in your hands. Lauren is committed to having a truly client-centered practice. Your concerns, needs, and goals, are paramount. The first thing Lauren does is to listen to you, which is essential to developing a plan in your case. Once you have had the opportunity to share your story with Lauren, she explains how the law applies to the facts of your case, and works with you to develop a roadmap to achieve the outcome you need.

Being client-centered also means being responsive. Your case is probably the most important thing going on in your life right now. When you have questions or worries about your case, you want to be able to reach your attorney. Lauren makes it a priority to be as available as possible to her clients, and to get back to them quickly when she is not able to take their calls immediately.

Experienced Attorney

When all is said and done, you want to feel heard and respected by your attorney, and you also want a good result in court. There’s no substitute for experience in getting a favorable outcome.

As a former public defender and Legal Aid attorney, Lauren has handled some of the most challenging cases in a fast-paced environment where she had to think on her feet and work efficiently. She has successfully represented clients in jury trials for serious felonies while meeting the challenges of multiple other ongoing matters.

That’s not always a comfortable or easy setting to work in, but it is excellent preparation for representing clients in cases that have the potential to change the course of their lives. Lauren is an excellent researcher, negotiator, and advocate with the experience to achieve her clients’ goals.

If you have a legal matter and would like to learn more about how attorney Lauren Graham can help you, please contact The Graham Law Firm to schedule a consultation.